Wireless Finger Ring Mouse

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Product Description

  • Ergonomic finger mouse for laptops & desktops (plug & play USB).
  • Lightweight & portable design for easy use.
  • Reduces wrist strain.
  • Affordable price with great value.


  • Put on the finger mouse: Slide your index finger into the adjustable strap until comfortable and allows smooth movement. Don't make it too tight!
  • Align your finger: Line up the tip of your index finger with the sensor on the finger mouse.
  • Use your thumb: Your thumb controls the buttons (left/right click) and scroll wheel.
  • Double-click support: Place your middle finger on the grip area for stability when double-clicking.


  • Do not shine the eyes with the finger mouse light source. The light may cause damages to eyes.


  • Plug and play. Do not need any driver
  • Interface: USB
  • Operating distance: 7-10m
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • DPI:1600 DPI
  • Fit Models: ALL notebook ,laptop tablet,Desktop PC
  • Battery: 1pc AAA battery (NOT included)