Portable Dog Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats Safety Travel Bag Accessories

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42x22x20 CM

Portable Dog Carrier for Small Dogs & Cats

Secure, Comfortable Travel for Your Furry Friend

  • Portable, Safe, Protector, Nonslip, Breathable Design

  • Type: Dog Car Seat, Dog Carriers, Cat Booster Seat, Pet Car Travel Mattress

  • Suitable Pet Weight: Kittens and dogs under 6kg/13.2lbs

  • Suitable Dog Breeds: Poodle, French Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua, Labrador, Dachshund, Terrier, Teddy, Golden Retriever, Corgi

  • Suitable Cat Breeds: Shorthair, Garfield, Ragdoll, Siamese, Fold, Sphynx

  • Suitable Scenes: Car, Outdoor, Travel